Hi family! India is amazing!


So we got to India on Sunday morning and I was exhausted. We had been awake for almost three days straight. I had a few naps, but of course I couldn’t fall asleep on the airplane. Once we got off the airplane in india we drove around 6 hours to India. The roads are absolutely insanely! There are no rules, at least I haven’t noticed any. Everyone just honks and swerves past cars and people. In Chamba all of the roads are on the sides of cliffs, we are soo high up and I get so scared every time we hop into a car. The food in the morning is my favorite we had rice pudding and scones, the scones tasted so good with honey. (Thanks mom for packing me all my food).


The first day here we went to the YMAD house and meet the girls, they are all so smart and their English is very impressive. We then came back to the hotel and got all of our stuff ready for our first day at the schools. Everyone was so tired. At dinner I kept falling asleep. That night was the best sleep I’ve ever had. Monday was the first days in the schools. The kids are so loving and friendly. It very first day of being at the school they were jumping on us and hugging us.  They are so sweet and they are all so cute. They just have this amazing energy and light inside of them.  After school we went and picked out our Indian dresses, Im excited to show you all mine! It is red and gold flowers. The second day in the schools the kids were pretty rowdy and more comfortable, which made it a lot of fun but also more difficult to get them to want to learn. They just want to take pictures and jump on you! After school we went to the YMAD house and read books with the girls. Then they danced for us and one girl taught me how do a little Indian dance. We came back to the hotel for the night and the lights were out because there was a little fire outside of my room haha. Just makes for a more memorable and eventful trip.


I am sooo happy to be here and I wouldn’t want to be any where else. I have felt so much love and joy here from my team and all of the kids!! love you all!!

ps. currently sitting by the fire with jono 


here’s some picture of the cutest kids ever.