Beautiful India - Brooklyn Moseley


Hello!! It’s Brooke!  Holy cow India has been amazing!!  I love it so much!  The traveling honestly wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, I really didn’t mind it!  It definitely took forever, but honestly was kinda fun.

         The drive to our hotel was crazy!! We took a pit stop at the golden temple, which was beautiful!  I also took maybe the most uncomfortable picture of my entire life there…because the boys aren’t allowed to put their arms around the girls.  But back to the drive, it was so so pretty!  Also SO scary though!  The drivers are super good though, so I know I won’t die:) I can’t even believe there could be a town this high up!  Seriously it’s crazy to me that you can drive four hours up into a mountain and still have civilization. 

         So we finally made it to our hotel and met the YMAD girls.  They are adorable!  I love them so much! After we eventually got our rooms and made it to bed.  Let’s just say that I am SUPER grateful for my room at home…also ive realized that I am not meant to be a wilderness survivalist or anything like it haha.

         The first day of teaching was incredible!  The kids are seriously so precious and are the cutest!  They are so fun to teach, and I love it so much.  Our second day of teaching definitely felt longer than the first, but it was still super fun today!  They were more comfortable around us which made it easier and more fun to teach.  We also went to the YMAD house and played/read with the girls today.  They are the sweetest.  We got home and our hotel had had a slight mishap…maybe a little bit of a fire?  No worries though haha just a minor power outage and a good old black spot.         

         Anyway, this has been the best time!! Im so happy and I love it!