A Tale of Two Cities - Danielle krebs

“Tale of Two Cities”

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. India is well. It is beautiful, it is polluted, it is organized chaos. I’m having a great time, than I expected. Showers are divine when the water is hot. If it’s cold, it is very very unpleasant.

         I taught my family lesson. The kids are kids. Cute, cute! They’re wild, so funny! I think some are future hurdlers.

         The YMAD girls are so smart and pretty. They performed a dance for us and we did the same, it was very very fun.

         I don’t feel that I get as much starring as much as the other kids. I’ve been told quite a bit that I look like an Indian girl. I really don’t think I look so Indian. I’m not as dark and the Indian women are far fairer. On the plane, in the schools, in the streets, both kids and adults will just speak to me, and I feel so bad, I’m so sorry I don’t speak! Though, I’d love to know how to speak, I don’t.

         Our translator is awesome! I don’t know how to correctly spell her name, but it’s pronounced like “Isha” - the ‘i’ pronounced as an ‘e’. She’s really nice, and can be sassy. I get along with her well.

         Lots of laughs everything is great!