Wow!! We Made it- Ashley Sackville

WOW!! We Made it.



What an adventure already…after three flights and an adventurous drive we made to Chamba!  After a good nights rest we were all revived and ready to face the adventure we have all worked to hard for.  Before I get to that I have to mention how impressed I have been with every single one of these teens.  The travel was long and there was a lot of hurrying up to wait but I did not hear a single complaint.  I know they were all tired and uncomfortable but nary a complaint was heard.


After a lovely breakfast we were all ready to finally meet these wonderful kids we have waited so long for.  We were all a bit on edge as we scurried around to be sure we were prepared.  Once we were in the cars and en-route we all discussed our varying anxiety about the day ahead but the excitement was overwhelming.  Once we arrived we were greeted with a beautiful ceremony if flowers and the traditional red dot on our forehead. We were so excited we hadn’t even realized we had left our bag with all of our education material on the top of the car…this was not the way we wanted to start.  Luckily for all of us we tracked down the car and had all of our material safely in hand.  The kids at the school start their morning with a prayer ceremony that was nothing short of amazing.  Seeing these darling kids recite prayers really set the mood for the day ahead. 


Once we had created nametags for the kids we were ready to get going with their lessons.   I cannot put in to words how proud I am of each of the teens in my group.  Seeing the twinkle in their eyes when they saw the kids made all of the hard work we all have done over the past few months so worthwhile. Within minutes the kids warmed up to the teens and were fast friends.  Watching the way Dallin had the group chanting Chicka Chicka Boom Boom was so much fun it put a smile on every single face. They were so taken with him.  Emma Ely was so animated while showing the kids the motions to going “over, under, and “next to”.  Lizzy R. brought new life to Mr. Potato head and the kids loved using the scissors and crayons to bring their own potato heads to life. Emma Romney had a wide eyed audience while as she was teaching about animals, the Moneys were surrounding us…YES real live monkeys were right in front of us.  Abby did a great job with a tough lessen and learned things about the kids and made beautiful portfolios.  Braden was my right hand man leading the day and keeping us all on track.


This day was more than I had ever imagined and I can hardly put into words how humbling today has been.  I am so very impressed with the courage my team displayed today.  This was not and easy task and they took it on headfirst.  Every single one of them brought something so special to the day.  The love I saw from each of them overwhelmed me.  I am so excited to see what the next few days bring. 


Finally, I wanted to say hi to my loves Liam and Lulu.  I hope you are having a wonderful time in Seattle and can’t wait to tell you all about our adventures.


XOXO  Ashley