The Happiest Kind of Exhausted - Kira Davis

I guess I was sort of unaware of how tight you can get with people over 50 hours of travel, honestly this whole team is so killa dilla. We went from Salt Lake to Dallas to Qatar to Amritsar, collected our 60+ bags (no small feat, major shoutout to Ashley’s muscles), made our way through customs and met the famed Raj. From there we jumped into a bunch of minivans and made our way to the Golden Temple. It was 4am, and that really did add to the magic. The Temple reflected in the surrounding water so beautifully. Our first test of India was perfect. We got back in the cars, our driver had a lead foot, bless his heart, we flew man, flew. After a few hours of fairly straight and smooth roads we stopped for breakfast, afterwards the roads we’d seen (and worried about) on google maps started. Narrow, winding roads, with gorgeous views (and straight drop-offs within feet, don’t worry mom) brought us to the mountain town of Chamba. We arrived at the hotel in the afternoon, unpacked and then went to go see the YMAD girls. They are absolutely darling. They are sweet, bright, and full of hope. You can see them light up when you ask them about their future careers, and subjects they enjoy. We played games, learned names, and giggled lots. In all honesty I don’t remember much of the evening, I was in and out of sleep haha. 

We all slept soundly that night and woke up ready to go this morning. We went to the schools after that. I was a little bit nervous, there’s a lot that we need to remember and know, and I was prepared, but you can’t prepare for everything ya know. The school is small, it has 37 students all under 11. 2/3 are boys and the others are girls. We split into our groups and began teaching. The level of english varies kid to kid, so you have to make the lessons adaptable. I taught about animals, which is actually such a fun lesson, we acted out different animals and each student drew pictures of their favorite. The teachers kept offering us food, water, and tea, which I accepted, I’m not looking to offend anybody, and the tea was soooo yummy. I followed the somewhat questionable snacks with a coke, gotta kill that bacteria. We ate lunch, read books, taught some more, and played games. These kids already amaze me, they are so funny and sweet. I am so excited to see more of these kids, I already love them. We went shopping for our pant suits and explored tiny streets, met new people, and all around had the happiest day. I am so tired, but it’s the happiest kind of exhausted, the kind where your face is dirty, feet are tired, and your eyes are sparkling.