The Adventure Begins - Jake Sperry

The Adventure Begins!!


SO INDIA IS INCREDIBLE! When I first stepped off the plain in Amritsar I was astonished with pretty much everything, the smells, the architecture and the people. The people couldn’t help but stare at all of us when we were in the airport and the staring hasn’t stopped. Our first destination was the Golden Temple and it was one of the most beautiful things that I’ve ever seen in my life. We had to take off our shoes before entering and then walked through a little section of water. The architecture was very intricate and cultural and I wanted to know the symbolism and meaning behind every thing. The people inside were worshipping and bathing around the temple and not gonna lie, I wanted to jump in with them after traveling for quite a while. Also it was three in the morning and hundreds of people were there to worship so that was very cool to see. After the temple we started our journey to Chamba!! Our first couple of hours of the drive we all passed out from the Dramamine and that was nice. For the second part everyone in my car was too focused on the crazy driving and the beauty of the Himalayas that most of us stayed awake. For the entirety of the drive I felt like we were gonna hit a dog, a person or another vehicle and that was pretty sketchy.

            When we finally got to our hotel we all were so glad that we had arrived. Then everyone unpacked, got settled, had the run down from Allison and Raj, struggled to stay awake for dinner and then all went to bed! We  woke up the next morning anticipating our first day at our school, Dulla, and as we saw the kids I couldn’t believe that it was finally time to do what we had been practicing for nine months. The kids opened their day at school with a prayer and then after, it was our turn to teach. The first lesson was with the youngest group and it was pretty difficult for me to teach them but after the second lesson I had my content down and was ready to go. Every single kid was so excited and glad that we were there and that made it a little easier to teach. After lunch we had two more lessons and the first group that I had was very distracted and rowdy but it was still really fun! Then for the last lesson I had the third graders were incredible! I was amazed at how intelligent they are and how much they understood what I was teaching. At the end of my lesson we played pin the tail on the donkey and it was awesome. The kids couldn’t wait to play and one kid in particular kept trying to put the tail on me and he couldn’t stop laughing! When everyone was done teaching we gathered our stuff, took a few pictures and said bye to all of the kids. It was so great seeing them for the first time and I cant wait for my second day to teach them. Right after we all headed to Chamba Town to get our pantsuits. On the way I looked at everything I possibly could because I was so taken away. I almost got hit by cars, the smells were different every ten yards, but I loved every second of it!!


India is an incredible place and this life changing journey of mine has just begun! Today is the first day and I didn’t want it to end! I’m amazed at how little the people have here and how beyond happy they are and that alone is why India is a special place. Can’t wait for the days to come and I’m going to take advantage of every second that I have to spend in this beautiful place!