HEY this is Jack ! 

These past few days have been insane! The traveling was a blur !! All the plane rides seemed like forever ago and at this point I feel like I said goodbye like forever ago! Once we landed in India the 8 hour car ride began. It was gnarly. Windy rides through mountain passes created for a case of car sickness (heavy medications were taken to erase that problem). As we neared Chamba we drove along side this amazing river and the view was insane! I have never seen such a beautiful scene in my life. It seemed like I was in a movie just getting ready to fight dragons and mystical creatures. Once we arrived at the place we are staying we got down to business. Quickly. We moved all bags out of the cars and to the top floor. We moved all of our workshops for lessons into one bag and separated school supplies into another. Right after that we went to see the YMAD girls at the YMAD house. It was awesome to meet them and play games and have a good time. They are very intelligent and have a great understanding of English. I can’t wait to see them tomorrow when we visit them again. Sunday night I took my first shower. With a bucket. It was extremely cold and very short. It was nice that it was so cold because the jet lag up to that point was pretty heavy and I just wanted to sleep so the shower woke me up a bit. That night everyone was so tired and dinner was pretty silent, except for the occasional slap of someone’s head hitting the table because they fell asleep. In my room we are sleeping three boys to a bed so I guess you could say I am getting pretty close to the guys here. But I slept great and was very warm, thanks mom for the net thing! Today was our first day of teaching and wow! The kids are so cute and so fun! Every lesson blew by and I felt like the day was too short. The kids were a little shy at first but by the end of the day they were jumping on me and constantly doing bones with the kids, which I had taught them an hour before. After teaching we went to a market and brought traditional shirt coats and pants, the market was very cool and very crowded with many motorcycles/vespas passing by and honking. Then we came back to the hotel and just had some dinner. I'm just sitting here writing this blog in my journal right now outside and it is so quiet and peaceful. It is amazing to look across the river and see lights up the mountains and see how much bigger the mountains are! It makes Utah’s look tiny! I can’t wait for tomorrow and I have loved the trip so far!! Done.


Peace out !