This is absolutely the best thing I’ve ever done! The traveling was not bad at all it was so nice to watch movies for 13 hours. Then we got to India we had to fill out this paper with our flight number, passport number, etc. The scary thing was when I was about to get in my backpack to get my passport this Indian man came up to me and said “Is there anyone in your group with the last name of Dunford?” I was so scared for my life like did I do something wrong? Am I going to jail? What do they want? Then he said I left my passport on the airplane. I was freaking out cause I didn’t know if they were going to bring it back to me. He was so nice and said oh we will just bring it down to you. It was so stressful cause everybody was going through customs and I was just waiting for them to bring back my passport. But we got it back and everything was in it so were good mom don’t worry thats not going to happen again and mom I have your airpods I haven’t lost them just in case you were worried. 

When we landed it was 2:15 in the morning. We went to the golden temple at four am and it was crowded. I was so surprised how many people were up so early in the morning. We had to walk around bare foot and the ground was marble and here it's so cold so I couldn’t even feel my feet. Anyway it was super cool and it was so pretty. And so many people just stare everyday and they don’t care if you see them they just keep staring and they follow you everywhere. 

After the golden temple we went to the YMAD girls house. They are all so cute. Olivia I’m sorry I don’t remember what girl was your favorite but my favorite is Sejal. She is the best we have only been twice and she comes up to me overtime and asks how my day was. They are all so cute and I can’t wait to get close with all of them. 

Hey dad right by our hotel/motel idk what to call it but there is a huge bridge to cross the river and it is broken in half and it looks like it could totally be in the walking dead. Thats the first thing I thought about when I saw it. 

The food has been fine but I do not eat any of the spicy stuff everything literally burns my mouth. The best thing we have had are these scones in the morning today. I used my only honey packet on it today but sophie is letting me use her honey when I need it so thats nice. 

Best part of the day today was definitely the school. THE KIDS ARE SOOOOO FREAKING CUTE!!! And the school is so cute. They are all so fun to play with! I just want to play games all day and not teach cause they are so not interested in the book at all. But I wanted to cry when I left because I just wanted to keep playing with them all day. Also I can’t imagine leaving them like I want to stay forever. It was a little rough teaching but the kids loved the song heads, shoulders, knees, toes (there is no and because they get confused with the names) they were so into the song and me calling out the names and them touching where it is. 

After the school we went to Chamba town. It is crazy everyone will just run their scooter into you. There are so many little streets and it's so confusing idk how they can possibly memorize the streets. We went and got our uniforms for the very end and mom I got one so much cuter than Olivia's haha it's red with gold embroidery. It was so fun to look through the little shops and shop for them. 

Well these past two days have been so long but so fun I can’t wait to go back to the school and to the YMAD girls house!! Literally I do not want to leave already.

Also the picture of the building is where we are staying.