Finally In India - Sophie Fredrick

Finally in India





I have had quite the trip so far! this morning I woke up like 10 minutes before everyone and I really had to go the bathroom. I got out of bed and walked into the bathroom and it was still super dark outside is I couldn’t see that well. As I lifted up the toilet lid I saw a spider about the size of my hand scurry around to the back of the toilet. I was terrified!!!! i didn’t want to wake up anyone and I couldn’t move. I ended up standing there for like 10 mins waiting so I could wake people up and get some help. we ended up having two of the boys come and find the spider and kill it.

            Today i had my first day teaching at the school! when we first got there they were singing songs and practicing english. I will never forget how happy I got when I saw all those smiling faces. I absolutely love the kids and I am so excited to spend each day with them. The first class I taught I was super nervous because every time I practiced my lessons the kids spoke english so it was very different when the kids only spoke a few words.

            After the school we went and picked out the fabric for pantsuits and it was pretty stressful cause you only get this opportunity once so it has to be a good fabric! After we picked the fabric we walked around town to get to the tailor and I saw  some crazy food that I would probably never EVER eat ever but it was cool so see the different culture. I miss everyone at home and I hope my family is having the most wonderful time in California and getting some nice tans. See you soon!