A First Day of School I Actually Enjoyed - Abbey Kolff

    Now that we have made it through the extensive amount of travel and overcome the daunting first day of teaching, India has already started to be an amazing experience.

    It started off a little rough with three days worth of travel that included a six hour car ride which consisted entirely of driving on a barely paved road up against a mountainside with a thousand or so foot drop on the other side.  I survived though, hardly.  After finishing our first day, I can say that I would drive through the Himalayan mountains for another endless amount of hours to teach the adorable little Indian treasures I met today.

    This morning (after I basically harassed the adult leaders to get me some hot water so I could have my morning cup of coffee), the orange team arrived at our school and were welcomed with a small ceremony.  In the midst of observing the kids perform their morning prayer, our team leader Ashley remembered that we had left the bag that contained all of our teaching supplies on top of the car that had already driven away.  Thankfully, we were blessed enough to be able to get it back.  

    Te big hit at our school today was the book “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom”, and all of the kids were screaming it consistently throughout the day.  They also loved having their pictures taken.  I would pull out my camera to take a selfie with a few kids, and then pretty soon the whole school would swarm over to try to be in the frame.  Man, I wish my arms were long enough to capture all of their precious smiles in one photo.

    Seeing them stick their heads out of the fence to scream goodbye and waved at us as we drove away gave me a taste of how hard the upcoming permanent goodbye will be.  I have never been a person that warms up to others very quickly, but something about these heart warming Indian children and their contagious giggles make me completely drop my guard down.

    After only one day, I am already so thankful that I stepped out of my comfort zone and leaped into the unknown through joining YMAD, because so far the unknown has been pretty spectacular.