Monday morning

We are all up and ready to start our first day of teaching. Today we will head out into the Villages and then to he Main Day Boarding School to teach.

Yesterday after just a few short hours of sleep, we got up and began our day. We visited with the locals living near Nishtha where we are staying, and then prepared for our Welcome celebration with the Women of Nishtha. The program our teens put on, and the program the women put on for us was amazing. I don't think we had a dry eye in the place. The teens were very enlightened by the women and it was a great opportunity for them to meet the mothers of the children they will teach while we are here. The kids are anxious to get to work.

The teens are doing great! They are all healthy and happy. Our travels went very well even though all our flights were very delayed and we got very little rest. I have been very impressed by the good attitudes and the ability to treat everyone with respect and kindness when they were all so wiped out. 

We are anxious to get some pictures posted and some posts by the teens up here on the blog. We have not had enough connection to the internet at this point to complete any uploads. We will work on that tonight when we return back here this evening.