The Future Meets the Past by Austin Keller

Well, it was a super crazy and fun meeting on the 24th of September. Let me tell you a little bit about it!

The meeting wasn't like the other ones we've had before.  This time, the old YMAD goers sat down with us for a few mins each, and we could ask them any questions we wanted to ask. Sassy and I were paired up because there weren't equal amounts of people. I think the question I liked to ask most, was simple: “If you could only tell me one thing you think I should know, the most important piece of advice you have, what would it be?”. There were a few different answers, one was to take make-up with you (so that one was extremely important for me to know), another said to just let go of home and all the things you miss so that you can really enjoy India and not be thinking about what you're missing in Utah.  But the most important answer, to me at least, was to let go of all expectations entirely, because it will be so different than what you think. Don't think about what you want it to be like or what you expect it to be like, so that you can just live in the moment and enjoy it.

After a snack break, we all sang “One Day” together before the past YMAD kids left.  It was so special. (A few people cried.)

To finish off we reviewed the power plays and some of the fundamentals we've been working on. My integrity was a little bit dented because I was late, so when we talked about integrity and cleaning up all the places we think we need to in our lives I felt just a little bit guilty. Luckily, Big Steve took it easy on me

I just want to finish out this blog by saying thank you so much to all the people in my group, and to all the leaders who work so hard for us. You guys are doing something that is so much bigger than you even think, and it sticks with us teens more than you could even imagine.

*Photo credit - Jeff Cobabe