The Value of Forgiveness by Ashley Morris

Expedition Vishvaas had a wonderful and inspiring meeting on September 10th at our new meeting location!  (Thank you to CrossFit EMC for hosting us!) 

In our meeting, we focused on the topic of forgiveness, one of the core values of YMAD. An expedition leader, Allison Ford, graciously accepted the chance to give a presentation to our group on forgiveness. She first asked what for our definition of forgiveness.I said that, to me, forgiveness meant to let go of any negative feelings towards someone even though they may have wronged me. After we told our definitions of forgiveness, she led us through an exercise of the costs and rewards of forgiveness.

Allison also shared a famous saying, “I’ll drink the poison and hope you die.”  This quote reinforced the idea that by withholding forgiveness, we are only hurting ourselves. I thought this lesson was very impactful on my life and I realized we are the one who make ourselves happy in any situation, bad or good. 

Throughout the meeting, we had several inspiring TED Talks by Camden, Austin, and Bailey. At the end of the meeting we played a fun game of duck-duck-goose that was very fun!  I can’t wait until next meeting!