Washington Elementary by Jack Vincent

Washington Elementary


This week we had the opportunity to go to Washington Elementary and teach some of kids in their after school program. The few days leading up to it were very nerve racking because we did not know what lesson we would be teaching and had heard that the kids can be a little rowdy. Once we got there we all got our lesson plans and began preparing for the kids. As the kids started coming in and walking to teachers we realized that we would only be teaching about two or three kids. This made me feel a lot better, but at the same time more nervous. I was afraid that the lesson would not be long enough to fill the hour if I only had to teach two kids. As the lesson started I became more comfortable and started to have more fun with the kids. 

As I was working through my lesson I got into a rhythm and started flying by all the activities to do. My lesson started coming to an end and I was thinking there would only be a few minutes left, Zippy came around and said 18 minutes left. My heart dropped and I knew I had to improvise. Luckily I had some games I knew I could play with the vocabulary words that came in handy and got me through the rest of my lesson. 

Overall I really enjoyed teaching. It brought me a lot of relief because I realized that if I can teach kids who speak English and English lesson for an hour, then I can definitely teach kids who don’t speak English a lesson for the same amount of time! 

By: Jack Vincent