Teaching at Washington by Emma Romney

Teaching @ Washington


            On Tuesday October 10, 2017, two groups from Operation Dabangg went to Washington Elementary to teach one of our lessons that we will be teaching in India. I think everyone was pretty nervous about how it would turn out. We arrived at 3:15 and talked about who would do the opening song, who would do the closing game, and which lesson we would be teaching. I felt familiar and pretty confident with my lesson but I was still nervous for the kids.

            After prepping we walked into the gym where we would be teaching. We each got our teaching bags and book and then spread out across the room. We looked over our lessons and then the kids came in. Each person got 3 to 4 kids. I got 3 girls that were all really good friends. After the chaos of the kids finding which teacher to go to, we all stood up and sang, “If your happy and you know it”. This song was lead by Jono and Dallin.

            Then we all started into our lessons, I started with reading my book, “Quick as a Cricket”. The girls really liked reading so I read it once out loud and then we read it again switching off readers each page. After the book we talked about the flashcards. I read everyone and showed them pictures, then we played a matching game with them. The girls really liked to tell me stories about the vocabulary words, so we would get a little distracted sometimes. The kids really liked the matching game but it took longer than I thought because we had so many flashcards. After the core part of the lesson, it was time for the activity. My activity was to paint rocks, I was really worried about the paint spilling or getting all over the kids instead of the rocks. It actually turned out pretty well, except one girl painted her whole hand instead of the rock…

            We then finished our lessons and Emily and Lizzy played red light, green light. Then everyone went to a gelato shop to talk about how teaching went. It was definitely a different experience for everyone, but I loved teaching the kids and I thought that my group was pretty focused and nice about me teaching. This activity really made me so much more excited to teach the kids in India!!