Our First Teaching endeavor at Washington Elementary by Jake Sperry

Our FIRST teaching endeavor at Washington Elementary


Teaching the kids at Washington elementary wasn’t the easiest thing ever but it was definitely memorable. I can probably say on behalf of everyone that we were all a little bit nervous but excited to see the kids. When it was time to teach we all walked in the gym and prepped for the kids. None of us knew the lessons we were teaching and that was exciting haha. When we got our lessons set up the kids started coming in little by little; running, pouting, screaming and everything else. To begin teaching Jono and Dallin lead us in the song “happy and you know it”, all the kids were participating in the song but that wasn’t the trend for the rest of the time teaching. The kids that I had were named Aria, Dereck and Odi. And Aria payed attention for no longer than 30 seconds at a time and Odi was just making funny faces the whole time. And Dereck was a little Indian boy that smiled participated and did everything I asked him. Seeing Dereck and how sweet he was got me extremely excited to go and teach the kids of India. We’ve all been waiting for over 8 months to see the smiling faces of the children of India. So as the lesson went on I learned how to deal with the kids a little better and the lesson was running smoothly, but then Aria grabbed the glitter glue and started pouring it on the ground so that was fun haha. After dealing with that I decided to sum up the lesson with a quick review of the flash cards. The kids were by far most excited about this part because they knew the insects and were shouting the answers out as fast as they could. Then the teaching came to an end and to be honest I was a bit relieved because the process was overwhelming, but well worth it. To close at Washington elementary Lizzy and Emily lead us in the red light green light game. All the kids were very enthusiastic about the game and were booking it across the gym floor. The kid that I taught, Dereck, was playing the game but was moving as slow as possible so he didn’t get far but it was still cute because he had the biggest smile on his face. So to help him out a little I tried standing in front of him so no one could see him move. He still moved at the same pace but I wasn’t upset because he was so happy to be playing red light green light. When the game was over we packed all of our stuff up, said bye to the kids and headed to go get gelato. When we got there Ashley and zippy were so kind and bought all of use gelato. We then started discussing what went well and what we could do to improve our teaching. Over all we said that teaching the material was fine but getting the kids attention and having them participate was the hard part. Also Ashely said that teaching the kids at Washington elementary is harder than teaching the kids in India and that was comforting. The experience at Washington elementary definitely prepared us a little bit more for teaching the kids in India and got us excited to go on the amazing journey.

By: By Jake Sperry