Washington Elementary By Lizzy Hale

I was super nervous about going to Washington elementary. Everyone warned us it was super hard to teach the Washington elementary kids, and probably harder to teach than the kids in India. We got there and set up our lessons. It was freezing in the room and I was starting to sweat from nervousness somehow. I was familiar with my lessons so I wasn’t worried about that I was mostly worried about being able to control the kids and keep their attention.

    I got to teach three kids one in kindergarten and two in third grade. They loved the book and payed very close attention. They also really loved the matching game with the index cards. Everything went along smoothly. Near the end they got a little restless and saw a jump rope being pulled out by another group and got a little jealous. But, they still helped me clean up and finish up the lesson even though their focus was elsewhere. I bonded with my kids and I think the lesson went by a lot easier and smoother than I thought it would.

    After we taught we met with our village teams and Zippy bought as all gelato (thanks again for that Zippy!) We all went over what worked well and what didn’t go as planned. Most people said that it was easier than they thought and made them more confident for India. There was a couple things that didn’t work but people said that when things didn’t work they would switch to something else. Some people had a bigger group of kids to teach and I think that made it a little bit harder to hold the kids attention for longer periods of time. It was nice to bond with our village teams and talk about our experiences teaching afterwards.

    Teaching at Washington Elementary made all of us more confident going into India, and prepared. We got a taste of what it would be like to teach and I think it made us all even more excited to get to India. There is only 36 days till we go to India! That’s crazy! It is just starting to hit me how close we really are to getting there. I cannot wait to get over there teach, learn about Indian culture, bond with the children, and become a leader. All the values we have learned up until now our preparing us not only for this trip to India but preparing us for our future in our everyday lives. I know that for me I have already started to change for the better because of the values we have learned, and I will continue too as I remember all the lessons we have been taught.