Almost to India By Sophie Fredrick


As of today we are leaving for India in 38 days!!  We only have 3 more meetings left. After the meeting we had last Sunday I decided that I really needed to start packing. This week we all applied for a visa! It was pretty confusing but luckily Brooke, Allison, and Zippy knew what they were doing and were extremely helpful. To start off the meeting Allison gave a wonderful presentation on all of our values, which are: integrity, vision, courage, inspiration, compassion, forgiveness, and gratitude. During the presentation she had us share experiences where the values were helpful.  The value that has helped me to grow the most is compassion. I learned that compassion is empathy not sympathy, this changed my perspective of how to help others when they are suffering or going through something hard. “I am compassionate. I have developed compassion in a way that allows me to feel another’s sufferings without fear; to act strongly in the face of others’ pain. I know that compassion does not weaken; it strengthens”.

After the presentations we had a snack and met in our village teams, this week it was my turn to teach my emergency lesson. I found as I was teaching that I didn’t have enough activities planned so it was very hard to fill the time I was supposed to. I also learned that the book I planned on bringing was only 5 pages long! Thank goodness I practiced my lesson before India because it would have been bad if I ran out of things to do as I’m teaching for real in India. After our village team meetings we practiced our dance and sang our song with lots and lots enthusiasm because we are all so excited to journey to India together.