I will never be against anything only for something - Mother Teresa

On December 11th at our YMAD meeting, we were given the lesson on inspiration by Troy Lunt. He centered his lesson on Mother Teresa and how she was an inspiration to the people of India and the world.

He retold a story that happened to Mother Teresa: When Mother Teresa was asked to join an anti-war committee she declined. Surprised, the people asked “But aren't you against war?” Her answer “I will never be ‘against’ anything only ‘for’ something. If you had asked me to join a committee for peace I would have happily accepted”.

So, Troy then asked everyone to write down things they are ‘against’ and then turn them around by writing what we are ‘for’.

Example: against bullying-  for kindness

The lesson ended with Troy assigning everyone with our Power Plays.


Later, we met up with our groups with our lesson plans for India. Our leaders explained to us the things we will teach the children.


This is what happened on December 11th.

Amy LuntComment