Service Day with Jazba!

Okay guys, today was such a great day with Operation Jazba! The college team spent some time out in the bitter cold this morning at the YMAD storage unit sorting through hygiene, safety and education kits to take to India with us. Today was our first fee deadline and everyone made it - woohoo!! We are all getting pumped getting ready for India! 

We also got our team t-shirts and hoodies. Is "swag" still a term people use? Awesome job design team!
(Landen Longson, Angie Yandar, and Jordyn Standage) 

After we could no longer feel our fingers, we all headed out to IHOP for some warm, yummy breakfast! Lots of laughs and new inside jokes were made (hey Jaden, do you like Cheetos?) 

Operation Jazba is comin' for you, India! And we couldn't be more excited! :)