Don't Make it too hard. Sometimes it's all in your head.

October 16, 2016

What is the time difference between Utah and Sundar Nagar? Eleven and a half hours. Best advice for fundraising? Don’t make it too hard, just keep trying and it will get easier. It’s all in your head. These were a couple of question that we had the chance to ask of those who came before us in the YMAD program.

Many of the people who came to give advice had been a part of the Sundar Nagar expedition in 2015. They gave some wonderful advice, there was one response that struck me the most. (Question: What is the hardest thing you experience on the expedition?) I would have thought it would have been the culture shock, jet lag, the food we aren’t used to, or even being homesick. Their answer: Saying goodbye, especially saying goodbye to the kids. Every week we learn about how to become better as a team, and what it means to be a good person, by learning forgiveness, integrity, and being an inspiration. In all of this we have to remember the end goal. Help those children in ways we might see as simple, yet are momentous in their lives.

Another Gem of advice came from our very own Troy Lunt. The question was talking about making a connection with a child while in India. He told us, don’t limit yourself to one kid, love them all. You’re going to love them with all your heart.

And with that heartwarming anecdote, cannot wait to see all of you at the next meeting on Nov. 5. Remember to memorize the songs! We’re counting on you ;) 

 Taylor Chaffin


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