Until We Meet Again-Melissa Thatcher

How can you prepare a person to say good bye knowing that the chances of them seeing each other again may never happen? How do you prepare your self to say good bye a second time knowing the heartache you felt last year is to be repeated once more? You can’t. Last year as I said good bye I never in a million years thought I would be back so soon. I cried as I left thinking I was saying good bye forever, little did I know that I would return this year. I thought that coming back I would be able to find the pieces of my broken hart that were left behind. I however was not prepared for a bigger piece of my heart to stay here. Today as we said good bye to our beautiful village kids and amazing girls at the boarding school my heart literally fell out. Our village kids put together the greatest dance party ever! Not only did they do a dance party, they made us a lunch and gave us the most precious gifts. Seeing the teens on the purple team with our amazing translator Cutie, dancing and loving on the kids proved that the most important thing that needed to happen for our teens on this trip did happen, pure and perfect love flowed between the kids and our teens. Thisperfect love was carried on as they attended the last day of school with our boarding school girls. never have I see more tears shed by children who's lives had been so touched with the joy your children shared for the last week with them. Saying good by is a hard thing and our dear friend and adopted member in to your YMAD team Cutie told me last year,” I will not say good bye, I will only say see you later! her words bring me comfort in knowing that once again we will say I will see you later. Joy could never be defined unless we experience sorrow. today my heart is truly filled with both! To the most beautiful people I have ever had the privilege of waking and talking with I will say to you, I will see you later!!! 


XOXO Melissa Thatcher.