Sad Day: Isaac Thorell

Sad Day

Isaac Thorell


            Thank you to my father Chad, I was lucky enough to inherit the emotional gene from him. I never thought saying goodbye would be so hard, It made today so hard knowing that today was our last day in the school, with Vishal, Kartik, Mohit, and all the other children. I was the first to let the emotions flow for the blue team, it all started when a little first grade girl named Khushi looked up into my eyes and smiled and said “ I love you” then the flood gates opened and everyone started crying. This was right as we were about to sing “One day” and “Home” for the kids before we left so we all started singing while we were crying. The children had smiles on their faces so large, and love shown through their eyes and radiated onto each one of us. I will never be able to forget how willing they were to love so quickly, or how they were able to always make me laugh. A piece of my heart will forever remain in India. On a happier note, we were able to perform the Juju dance for the children as well as the YMAD girls. It brought a smile to their faces and they tried to copy us.  

            The food so far has been up to the standard of India and never ceases to amaze me with the combination of all different spices that cause all the dishes to end up tasting the same. I’m hoping that the food in Dharamsala will be much better than the food here, but really I’m just craving some fresh fruit, maybe a salad, ice cream for sure, maybe just ice in general.

            I’d like to end by thanking all the leaders for everything they do for all of the youth involved in YMAD, not only just the ones here on this trip with me but the ones back home who may not get recognized as much. Thank you to all of the teens here on the expedition I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I love INDIA, cya soon America.