Mom! I Rode a Horse!!:Staci Schmidt

Mom! I Rode a Horse!!


Ok so I kind of lied when I said last time was my last time blogging cause here I am! Haha! But this last couple of days has been awesome! So on Saturday it was our culture exchange so we partied with a crowd of about 400 girls! Some of the songs that they were singing to us were One Direction and stuff like that so I would sing along and the crowd just had so much fun laughing at me while I sang! But it was so awesome! After a billion handshakes and pictures we headed to the market for a little bit of shopping. It was so cool to look around all the shops and to find such cool and interesting stuff in each shop! When everyone was done shopping we head back to the hotel for an afternoon of relaxation. I was one of many that decided a nap was the best way to spend my time. Let me tell ya, that nap was heavenly!!


The next day we headed to Khajjiar but had a pit stop on the way at a temple. At this temple we were given a bracelet of safety and some candy rocks. We were also told this was the last bathroom till we got back to the hotel so everyone ventured to the bathroom to find only squatty potty’s so yeah. That was a new experience. But then we were off to Khajjiar and that was an afternoon of fun again! We rode horses and got to roll down a slight hill in this hamster ball thing that was seriously soooo fun! Then we had lunch at a restaurant there and they had FRENCH FRIES!! I have never love fries in my entire life! But then we came back to the hotel. Allison and Brooke had planned something for that night but wouldn’t tell us anything about it. So we all gather into the dinning room and wait to hear what they have to say. It ended up being a gratitude meeting and we each went around the room saying what we were grateful for and by the end of the night I was a mess. Then to add to that Allison handed out letters from our parents and I could even make any of the word through my tears. After we all stopped crying we all gather around the bonfire like every night and then we were given even more good news, we were able to call home for like 2 minutes. Oh my, the second I heard my dad’s voice I was done for. Mom and Dad, you truly are the best parents and I am sooooooo beyond thankful for you!


Today was our last full day teaching in our schools and that was sooo hard thinking about throughout the day. But it was still such a great day! But that’s all I really have to say so until Saturday! I love you alllll sooooooo much and I will see you all again really soon! Love you all!! (P.S. this really is my last blog)


Staci Schmidt