India pt. 3: Maryjane Cox

India pt. 3


            We had a relaxing weekend to experience different parts of India.  On Saturday we did the cultural exchange at the school in Chamba.  There are 800 girls who go to school there and when we went in it was like we were famous, they pulled up chairs for us in front of all the girls and brought us appetizers.  We did our songs and dance and they did some traditional Indian songs and dances for us but they also had girls who got up and sang American pop songs like Cheap Thrills and That’s What Makes You Beautiful.  When we played Baby by Justin Bieber everyone got up and danced and there were girls lined up to shake my hand and take selfies with me.  So I guess you could say I got a little taste of what it would be like to be famous.

            After the cultural exchange we did some shopping at the market in Chamba.  It was cool to see all the different kinds of people and the tiny box shops and street vendors all lined up right next to each other.  I especially loved the streets with vendors selling fruits and vegetables all brightly colored.  It was really fun to actually get out and experience more of the culture in Chamba. 

            On Sunday we drove to Khajar.  The whole drive is on windy roads on the side of the mountains and you just keep going up and up.  The views are breathtaking with the tired fields and colorful houses built right on the side of the mountain and everything covered in a haze of pollution.  We stopped at a Hindu temple with a huge I mean huge statue.  We went inside the temple where there was a guy burning incense that wraps a yarn bracelet around your wrist, puts a red dot on your forehead, then gives you some rock candy.  When we got to Khajar I did a horseback ride around the field with a nice Indian man holding a stick guiding me.  Then I went zorbing which is hilarious, I would highly recommend.  It’s the thing where you are strapped into a giant hamster ball and roll down a hill.  It is actually the best thing.

            Sunday night was gratitude night.  It was really cool to go back in my mind and realize how much I have learned and grown here.  Thank you family for all your sweet letters.  I cried the whole time reading them.  Especially when I saw the one from Ben that’s when I really lost it. So thanks for that too, it said everything I’ve ever wanted to hear from him. We were back in the schools today and it felt so good to be back with the kids and to hug and play with them again.  We painted our mural kind of thing today at the school and it’s super cute.

            Mom and Dad I tried to call you so sorry I missed you, but just so you know I’m doing well.  I got to talk to Naomi a little though so that was good.  I have so much to tell you guys I can hardly wait.  AnneMarie what I would give to be able to talk to you right now.  We’re gonna have a lot of catching up to do.  All is well I love you all, see you Saturday.