Geesht - Hank Thompson



Well, here it is, my last blog in India. The kids and people here have touched my heart and changed my life. The people that I have been with through it all are some of my best friends. I’m grateful for my team.

The weekend was fantastic. It was really nice to have some downtime. On Saturday, we had the cultural exchange, I’ve never felt more famous in my life. Everyone loved anything that we did. We danced with everyone there and it was such a party. Then we went to the market. It was a different experience. I got to experience some new smells and sights. I also bought something for my mom ;). I was exhausted afterward. Then, that afternoon, we found a massive spider in my room. It was about the size of a softball. We somehow got the courage to kill it and we put it in a bag after. At the fire that night, we held a funeral for it and then threw it in. I thought it was funny.

Sunday we went to Khajjiar (little Switzerland). It was really fun. I rode a horse way faster than I am comfortable with and I rolled down a hill in a giant ball. Best of all were the French fries! It was so amazing. After that, we went home. It is such a beautiful drive. We got to stop at a temple with a massive statue too, it was a really cool sight.

We then got letters from home, which was such a fun thing. We also had an amazing gratitude meeting, which really was a reality check for me because were so close to coming home. I love my team.

Today was the second to last day in the school. Teaching the kids is sometimes hard but so worth the tough times. They’re the best kids ever; so sweet and loving. It’s going to be a hard day tomorrow to say goodbye. The adventure continues though. Dharmsala should be really fun and then were pretty much on our way home after that. It’s a weird mix of emotions being so close to leaving. It’s been amazing and life changing.