Dance Party!!!: Naomi Allen

Dance Party!!!


Today Nate brought his guitar to the school and he and our entire village team performed for the children.  We sang “One Day” and “Here Comes the Sun”, then Nate sang “Wonder Wall” and “Yellow”.  They loved it!  The headmaster loved it so much that he invited Nate into his office along with the 5th grade class and invited him to figure out the accompaniment a Chambalian song that he was having the kids sing…IMPOSSIBLE!!  Finally he just asked him to play whatever he wanted, and then he asked us all to dance!! So there we were in the idle of the school day having dance party in the principles office.  Fun and FUNNY!!!


Also of note, I had the opportunity to do some substitute teaching for Kate while she made an emergency run to the toilet and became acquainted with how the school restrooms work….She was SUPER excited about that!! (see photo below)


Matthew received the cutest card from Anamika, one of the YMAD girls.  She is so cute with him and is so happy walking around with him with her arm around his waist.  Matthew seems good with all of the attention.  Not surprising that when we played Mother May I, she let Matthew win!!


Rachael got a first class henna job from the cook at the YMAD House of Learning.  Everyone has had a ton of fun with that, and even though Raj says that the boys are turning in their “man card” when they get henna, they all have it all over their hands and fore arms.


Jono has been a super positive influence on our village team.    He keeps us all smiling, laughing and feeling good!  I am super grateful for his and everyone elses hard work and willingness to keep on keeping on.  Way to go Orange Team!!!