Had a great weekend - Preston Tangren

I’m so sad that this is the second to last day with the kids but I am also way excited to leave Chamba. The kids have come to mean so much to me and i will always have them in my heart and mind. They deserve so much more and yet they have nothing but they are so happy. Joy can be found in every corner of the earth regardless of how hard life may seem there. 


    The weekend was great!! I had never felt like a celebrity until that cultural exchange. What we had to offer them would not be considered professional, but they absolutely loved it! I started to feel super sick halfway through so I couldn’t dance at the end but all the girls wanted to shake my hand and take pictures with me and I felt so special. The man in charge of the whole thing did not speak very good english but he tried. He kept on comparing India to America and talking about how similar they were….I don’t think he has ever been to America. After the exchange I felt a little bit better and I wanted to do some serious shopping. But as we entered into the main market area I knew I wouldn’t be able to take it very long without throwing up. The smells and the sights were too much. With every step came a new smell and a new pile of something on the floor. People were yelling and just so much was going on and I truly wish I could have enjoyed the whole thing. 


    That night we were all talking about that day like we normally do which is actually one of my favorite things to do but out of the corner of my eye I saw something scurry under the shelves. And of course there lay a huge spider we came to know as the brother of Jared, Because there is another spider in our bathroom that we named Jared and yes he is still alive. We are killing him tomorrow. It was an intense battle with the brother of Jared, It included a lot of screaming and crying and bug spray but it was glorious. 


On Sunday I wasn’t feeling much better but Khajjiar was amazing. The statue we saw was incredible! When I come home I want to find out how old it is. Just chilling in the park was great but I couldn’t do much because I felt so sick but it was clean and it was a nice break from everything.