Cheers to the Weekend… See you soon!! - Izzy Lund

Hi!! I miss you all! I am so happy here. I hope all of you are having a good time in America. I sure do miss it & the food & all of you! I can’t believe tomorrow is our last day in the schools. It seems so crazy. I’m gonna be a mess tomorrow saying goodbye to those 38 cute faces that I’ve fallen in love with over the past week. I am so grateful i had the opportunity to go on this expedition. We had a gratitude meeting last night and everyone went around and said what they were grateful for… Let’s just say by the end i was bawling my eyes out. oh, and then Brooke & Al pulled out all of the letters from our families and told us we could call you. I think the goal was to make us cry (it worked). I love this team so much. We really have become a family.


On Saturday we went to our cultural exchange. It was so cool. We performed our dances and songs in front of them and they were so into it. While they were performing Kate and I were dancing in our seats and all of the girls were laughing and making fun of us. It was a good time, a few girls came up and sang solos to American music like Cheap Thrills and LoveYou Like a Love Song. It was so entertaining. After the cultural exchange on Saturday we went to the market for a few hours. I love shopping for people. You’ll just have to wait and see what i got you hehe. Some freaky dog followed me, Kate, Jono, and Matthew in the market. It was funny, Saturday was a good day.


Yesterday we spent the day in Khajjiar. It’s basically a giant field that they fill with a few activities. Some of them are horseback riding, holding bunnies, and rolling down a hill in a giant hamster ball. The hamster ball sounded fun so me & Olivia decided to be the first ones to try it. It did not disappoint. But that might just be because we bought some Sprite and plain chips before (pic attached). It was the first Sprite i had in India and it made me so happy because I’ve been going through withdrawals without it lol. After we went in the ball we just played on the grass and jammed out to Taylor Swift. Yesterday was relaxing and much needed. 


Well, this is my last blog post on this trip. I can’t believe it’s almost over. I can’t wait to see everyone at home. I’m craving Dodo so much right now so expect a lot of eating out when i come home. I love you all. Your letters made me so happy, don’t worry i haven’t forgotten about any of you. Love you!! See you on Saturday!


xox Izzy.