Your Kids are Amazing: Amy Knudson

Amy Knudson


It’s been a few crazy busy days here in Chamba!....

The Green Team did share a bag of m&m’s in lieu of the Thanksgiving dinner we were missing back home…

I guess the brown m&m’s were the Turkey, the yellow mashed potatoes, the green pumpkin pie and the yellow hot rolls and butter!  As much as we miss everyone back home, I believe not one of us would give up the experience we are having here inChamba and at the Koh School and YMAD girls schoolJ


It’s been amazing seeing the process of all the teens hard earned money starting to go to work at the Koh School.  We talked to the teachers and the team chose as our service project for the school to put our funds in to help build a boys bathroom. Our Green Team along with some generous money from the other teams are now hard at work. We saw the pipes, coils, sink, urinal and tile on the dirt outside the school. We are so psyched so these boys at the school will no longer have to go to the bathroom behind the school and the school will also have a sink now for washing their hands and have running water to drink.  At the present time they drink out of a shared bucket of water and have nowhere to wash their hands.  This project so going to make a difference for these sweet kids at Koh School!  Yahoo!!!


The whole YMAD team so tight and everyone so good to one another.  It’s going to be way hard to see the kids and say good bye…. Not only the kids here in India but the whole YMAD group. 

Here are a few reflections I have come up with in watching each of my team grow here in Chamba.  Totally a stellar team!! 


Izzy.. I want you to remember the positive influence you have had on these kids!!! You are always flexible and go with the flow of it all!! The kids eat up your huge smile.  I will always remember looking over at your construction tinker toy building lessonJ!  Your talks with Jonah way funny.. What a trooper!!  I love you!!


Emery- Truly as genuine as they come… Salt of the Earth!!! Emery’s word is Gold. I am so impressed with your dance groove.. You totally got it going onJ.  Thanks for all the passion you have been putting into your lessons..  You set out to do something and I can always plan on you doing an A+ job! I love you girl!!!


Caroline- This girl knows how to get a party started!!  Full of life!!  I appreciate your optimism and how you are not ever afraid to take on a new challenge. You are polite and filled with gratitude. You handle things with kindess and grace.  I love you Caroline!


Adam- It has been such a pleasure to have you on the team. You are so aware of your surroundings and each one of us on the team.  You make me feel safe. You are always looking for ways to be kind & helpful to all.  You put so much effort into your lessons… and look at how it paid off!  So proud of you!! The kids loved you… and so do I!


Matthew G. -  Holy Moly… You are always on task and with a killer smile and attitude in towJ…  You never complain… and when you find something needs changed, you have no problem looking for a new solution.  You are a team player and can get along with anyone!!  You bring strength and depth to all things.  Thanks for your fun humor.  U rock… I love you!!!


Jonah- I am pretty sure Johan made from 100% pure sunshineJ! Jonah is one to never give up in any situation. He just smiles and keeps plugging at it.  His singing and music has added so much to the green team.  A super guy!!  So kind and good to all the kids.   Love you Jonah!



To my kids back home….. I love and think of you daily.  Hope allis well…j

I love you… Mom


To the parents …. Your kids are the best!!! Thank you for sharing them… They are all in an amazing place and safe!!