Two Worlds Collide - Rachael Thorpe

So much has happened in the last couple days! Yesterday we went to the cultural exchange and it was really interesting. It was at a high school, and we performed our songs and dances for the students. They sang several songs too, and I was surprised by their music choices; they sang songs by Sia, One Direction, and Selena Gomez. Afterwards all the girls at the school ran up and hugged us. They love to take selfies, so I took lots of pictures. I also went to the market in Chamba yesterday, and it’s crazy to see how busy it is compared to the rest of Chamba. The roads are really narrow, and there are clothes hanging from clotheslines on every building.


Today was a lot of fun too. We visited Kaajjr, and the hour long ride up there was breathtaking. In a lot of ways, the Himalayas remind me of home and the Rockies despite the traffic and cows in the street. While in Kajar I went horseback riding. I also went on a ride where you roll down a hill in a big inflatable bouncy ball. Having those adventures was fun, but my favorite part was just laying on the grass in the sun. 


Tonight we had a meeting about gratitude, and I was again reminded of how much there is to be thankful for both in India and at home. I am so appreciative of the phenomenal people in my life. I got a letter from home today. Mama: thank you so much for your kind words. I’m looking forward to movie nights and omelets with you when I get home. I love you all so much! By the way, if anyone wants to comment on my blogs, I can read your comments and would love to hear from you :)


Tomorrow is my second to last day at school, and I’m getting a little nervous about having to say goodbye to my sweet friends. I’m also going to miss the YMAD girls, especially Sejal. She made me a birthday card (my birthday is 10 months away). It is the highlight of my day every time I get to see her. 


Once again, I adore and miss all of you. James: I am so glad I have your good luck charm- it has served me well.Mom: please freeze some Thanksgiving leftovers for me, I’ve been craving your stuffing and potatoes. Also just so you know, the updated time my flight lands will be on the blog on Saturday. You can check it so you know when to pick me up; I don’t want to wait a second longer than I have to to see all of you :)


This is my last blog, so in case I don’t see you, good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight!


XOXO Rachael