See ya soon....: Olivia Dubell

This is my last blog of the trip!! Ahh I can’t believe this trip is coming to an end. I still miss you all so much. Also, if you comment on the blog than I will see it. So family and friends please comment because I’m scared something will happen to you guys. If you wanted to know I’m doing great and I’m one of the only ones who hasn’t gotten sick yet. It might be because the only thing I eat is rice but it also might be something else. I’m just excited for when I get home to eat the only ten foods I like, well nine because including rice. Alice, Libby and Nell thank you for commenting. I love and miss you all. Friends I hope you guys are all having fun without me, only a couple more days. Ellie I opened one of our notes and was crying before I open it. But I started laugh none stop because I opened it and pop there was your face. I miss you eltay. Sometimes I still think it’s crazy I’m in India. It’s so weird how different each part of the world is and how people live. I love learning about the cultural differences and languages. One of my favorite memories here is when I was teaching the 1st graders about hygiene and I put hand sanitizer in their hands to teach them how to use it. But then I turn around and the translate came in right as this happen… the kids put the sanitizer in there hair because they thought it was shampoo. The translate turns around and doesn’t do anything but just goes “oh s**t” and I’m just standing there thinking are you going to do something because the kids didn’t understand me or just stand there. It was pretty funny.


Yesterday was the cultural exchange… honestly it was insane because there were like two hundred girl students there. It was like we were famous. When we sang out song and danced for them, they went crazy and were cheering and clapping. Ankita the ymad girl that loves me came up to me and danced with me and than she show me all of her friends. I love her so much; every time I see her smile it makes me so happy. The other day she made me a note and said to me, “ you are my best friend.” That is a tender moment that I will cherish forever. These are the type of moments that it makes me feel like I might just be making the smallest change in these kid’s lives. When I first walked into the cultural exchange I was looking for her and I couldn’t find her for the longest time. But than someone pointed her out and she was just waving at me waiting for me to see her. Something funny that happen was I was siting by the principle for the picture and she turns to me and says, “you are a good dancer, I was watching you.” Another funny thing is all the girls came up to Kimberley and said you are so pretty. Than they came up to me and said you are so cute. So I’m guess I look a little younger than most people on my team. My favorite part of the cultural exchange is when these two girls went up to the stand and started singing cheap bills and it was the funniest and cutest thing. It’s interesting how much they know about us and how little we know about them. We went shopping after the cultural exchange than we went home to nap so it was a pretty chill day. Also, I love napping and we don’t do that a lot here so I was happy we got to have time for my favorite hobby.


Today, we went to Khajjiar. We went to this big field with these big balls you can get into and pony’s to ride. Izzy and I went in the giant ball together and it was the funniest thing. Than we lay on the grass and listen to Taylor Swift with everyone it was very peaceful. The funniest thing about today is when Jono and Hank were just saying random stuff to the Indian man and they were so confused. We were all laughing so hard. We had lunch after that and we got French fries, which was probably the best thing I have eaten here. Not going to lie got a little homesick today. We had a gratitude meeting and talk about hat we were thankful for and I have so many things but I said the little things and how much I am loved. So thank you so much to everyone who loves me and supports me I couldn’t go through life without you. I miss you all so much and think about you everyday. Also, family I got your letters and it made me cry. They were so tender and sweet and I love you with all my heart. Hailey I miss you. I have love this experience so much and these kids really have change my lives. I am so excited to go back to the school tomorrow. I love you all. I’m so excited to see you.