Musings in India: Mike Ely

Musings in India


Here are just a couple of random paragraphs on the many experiences I’ve had while in India:


YMAD Girls – Going to the YMAD girl’s house after teaching at our school is such an enjoyable experience, for a couple of reasons. First, the view is spectacular and I love the openness of the porch area where we meet and play with the girls. Also, compared to the commotion at our school, the atmosphere at the YMAD girl’s house is so peaceful! They are such sweet and well-mannered girls, and it’s a pure joy to be with them! I am so thankful that YMAD supports these girls in their education and housing and in giving them a chance for a better life. I know it’s going to be hard when we say goodbye to them on Tuesday, and some tears will be shed, but I’m happy knowing they’ll continue to be well supported by YMAD.


The Power of Music – On Friday morning we got to our school and jumped right into our usual activities, like Hokey Pokey and Baby Shark. But, for a change of pace, we had also planned to sing some songs from our cultural exchange (By the way, this is made much easier when you have musical kids on your team, like Kennedy and Hank!) Kennedy brought her ukulele and we got the kids seated all around the steps and then sang our expedition songs “One Day” and also “Home” by Philip Phillips…and it was simply exquisite! For just a brief moment, the kids were so quiet and mesmerized by the music and it was just such a tranquil atmosphere. I was so overcome by how pretty the YMAD kids sang our songs and how enchanted the little kids were, that I was sort of a blubbering mess! Anyways, that basically was a spiritual moment for me, and one for which I am most grateful.


The Kids of YMAD – This is the last time I will get to blog about our team, so I want to make it count. We had a gratitude meeting tonight and I told them how grateful I am to have gotten to know them over the past year, to see their unique talents and personalities, their contributions to our expedition, and especially to have had the very up close and personal experience of living in India with them for these past two weeks. I truly do love those kids and would do anything for them. I’m especially grateful for my Blue Team and have loved being with them every day at our school and working together to resolve the challenges that inevitably arise each day.

Olivia, I love how self sufficient and adaptable you are…Hank, I love your energy and inclusiveness…Mary Jane, I love the cheerfulness and happiness you bring to our team…Isaac, I love how spontaneous and caring you are…and Kennedy, I love how dependable and mature you are. I love each of you SO MUCH!!!!!


And to my Ben and Katlyn in Micronesia…I feel like we’re having very similar experiences on opposite sides of the globe! I love you guys and can’t wait to see you when you get back!!