Laughter makes the world go round - Caroline Pinnock

Hey again, and for the last time until I am home :( Hope everyone is doing great! I heard there is snow so that’s fun and sorry Max and Dad for the Utes loss, hopefully you didn’t take them to hard. Mom I am really happy I brought some of your clothes because they remind me of you annnndddd mom pants are actually comfy! These past couple of days have been really fun. It has also been a good resting weekend. I got in such a good nap yesterday after the cultural exchange and shopping. 


Today we drove up to Khajjar ( I think that’s how you spell it)/ They prepared us for a really windy drive so we all took our drugs and started. As far as how pretty india is, this part took my breath away more than anything else ( I think that made sense). We stopped at a crazy cool statue and temple. The priest inside gave us a red mark on our foreheads, a safety bracelet, and a handful of rock candy. 


Khajjar was really bazaar. It is basically an open field with a bunch of vendors selling chips and pictures with bunnies. There were also giant hamster balls….side note, me and Jono went together and our ball was deflated so it wasn’t too safe or comfortable but still managed to laugh… and horses we could ride. We first went to try the horses out and me and Mike tried to barter for a cheaper price. Lets just say I stink at that and almost payed them more than they originally asked for. The horses combined with the hamster ball and trying to talk to people who didn’t know english, made for a very humorous day. I had a constant laugh going all day. 


It’s easy to be happy here. Everything is so different and adventurous (remind me to tell you the bathroom story lol). Today more than ever, however, I wished i had my family here to experience this with me. No words or pictures can do it justice. I feel like when I get home no one, aside from my YMAD people, will be able to know how I am feeling right now. But that’s also the really cool part about this all. This trip is personal to me. It is nice to have something that is just yours. 


I love you all and know that this week will go by so quick! 


Catch you on the flip side (of the world)


xoxo, Carl