Christmas Stockings in India: Jono Ebert

Christmas Stockings in India

Last blog, man can’t believe it’s gone by so fast. Thanksgiving dinner was amazing with curry and a bottled coke. I attached a picture of my feast to this blog and I hope people had as good of a meal as I did. I did my laundry in my sink and hung it up in the bathroom. Just trying to stay clean. I love the kids and haven’t seen them for three days which is surprisingly tough. I can’t wait to get back and teach and be with them. I’m excited for home and moms cooking. Curry and rice just isn’t cutting it for me right now. Homesickness is with me right now haha. We had our cultural exchange on Saturday and today went to Kajjar which was way funny. The language barrier is really funny to mess with.

The cultural exchange was at 9:30 Saturday morning which was nice to sleep in for. When we got there we had an audience of roughly around 500 girls who were waiting for us. I hope our below average singing kept them entertained haha. We sang I’m Yours by Jason Mraz, Baby by my boy Justin, and the exceptionally well singers sang Home. The girls school had their own concert and had one girl sing a song which was pretty funny.  Friday night I did my laundry and missed my laundry service (my loving mother) back at home haha. I can’t wait to pull out my clothes fresh from the dryer and not have crusty socks hanging from the window from our motel 6 type of bathroom.  The bugs haven’t been bad in our room until we found a huge spider chillin under our cabinet which freaked us all out and gave me nightmares about Dan Reeses spider story for the rest of the night. FYI Dan Reese had a spider nest hatch in his sleeping bag while in West Bengal, India haha. Today we went to Kajjar which is called Little Switzerland and doesn’t live up to it’s name haha. I spent the day riding down the hill in a hamster ball and confusing the vendors with the English language.  We finished today with curry and rice and water. I’m at the fire right now and miss home.

I heard the Utes lost which is typical. I took a good picture of the socks on the window which makes up the title of this post haha. It looks just like the decorations at home. I can’t wait to be home during Christmas but itll be hard knowing how little all these people have in India. Tomorrow we get to see the kids again and I am so excited for. All of them are so happy for how little they have. Also im calling home soon just in case there is a missed call from India. Love everyone see you soon. Shoutout to Raj and Caroline Pinnock also.