32 GB full the best experiences in the world- Jane Coates

My first memory card is all full, just as it should be. My dad never really wanted me to come to India. He said it was dirty and scary and everything that the world thinks it is. Really, it’s all those things and more. It’s beautiful, peaceful and so spiritual. Dr. Steve was talking to us about how the Americas are a blessed nation.  How we came here to go to bless this nation. I like to believe that every child I have come across feels the desire to travel to the united states. This trip has helped me understand that education is truly key.  When I left the USA I had little hope for our country. I came here where there is no hope at all and realize that the U.S. has flaws, so many flaws but people need to take a step back and realize that WE LIVE IN A BLESSED NATION. 

The people here live in trash but they sweep their porches, cut open a coconut, and feed these white kids from America that are so naive to the outside world. We meet these teenagers that look like they are going on forty-four and here I am worrying about if a boy likes me. These girls at the main-day boarding school are worried if they will get married and end their education in the next year.  How little people think outside themselves now days. Elliot reminds me that being self aware isn’t bad but to be actively trying to be better is best. My favorite thing to say here is “it could always be worse” because honestly it could. 

 They treat us like the best thing since hot showers. We get pictures taken of us constantly.  “one picture?” is said over and over again. We get stared at and paths are made for just us. It’s kinda a nice feeling to feel finally how harry styles feels.  Yet why do I deserve this?  Because I am an american? How odd to be given such power for something you didn’t decide.  

Here at the place we are staying, right below the girls room, they hold a “daycare” with the mothers and children of special needs kids. I wish I could stay down their for hours. They are truly the most innocent of children. I often think that if I could take one of these girls home, her life would change forever in the most drastic way. Alright i’m done with my thoughts. I’ll have loads to tell when I get home and lots and LOTS of pictures.