A Day In Chinatown - Matthew Hansen

    I love oatmeal! The more food I try here, the more I appreciate the food we have in the states. Every night we have some naan, rice, curry, and chicken. I have started to treasure the food that I brought from home. I did an inventory of what I have left, and good news! I have more then enough to get me through. I am looking forward to eating a burger from Five Guys when I come home.

    We walked into the girls school for the cultural exchange. There were about 400-500 girls there watching us perform. The girls performed about seven numbers, and then we performed our dance, I’m yours, Home, and Baby. There wasn’t an aux cord so they would hold the speaker up to the microphone. That made the music pretty fuzzy and hard to hear, but it was okay, because whenever we would finish, they would cheer super loud. When we sang Baby, we got the whole crowd to stand up and dance with us. Everyone wanted to take selfies with us and shake our hands.

    After the cultural exchange, we went shopping. The walk to the market was filled with terrible smells and trash lining the side of the sidewalk. We got there, and there were some crazy shops. I bought a gold statue, and paid with a 2000 Rupee bill. The store owner tried to show me something with it, but I didn’t understand what he was saying. All the shops were packed full with stuff and were super small. Most of them had the same stuff. The men in the shops were super nice and liked the United States.

Can’t wait to see you all! Love you!