Your teens are a treasure — Steve & Corey Neff

10 months and it has all been worth it!  As we close in on the home stretch and see these teens learn to love the Indian children as well as each other, it brings joy to our hearts. Everyone had a fun time at Nicco Park, and many now appreciate their parents a little more as that is the role they played taking care of multiple children today.  Thank you, parents, for allowing us to have this time with your teens!  Each of them brings individual, needed talents that makes our team strong—saktisali



We are so impressed with the work they're doing.  They love these beautiful Indian children.  They strive to teach their lessons.  They love to dance with the girls in the daily dance parties.  Your teens allow the girls to hang on them, kiss them and just love them.  Your teens are such a treasure to work with.  We love to watch them connect with these children.  

Thank you