I Love The Weekend - Kate Thomas

The weekend!!!! Bless up.  Today was fun.  I love our daily routine, but it was nice to do something different for a change.  This morning we had our cultural exchange with an all girls school.  There were about 800 people there watching.  It started out a little boring and then the principal told Allison we weren’t being energetic enough.  So Izzy and I decided to start dancing during the songs.  All the girls laughed and made fun of us, but they also loved us.  I have been a bit sick the past few days and so it was nice to have energy for the cultural exchange.  I kind of went into one of my moods (Mom I bet you miss those).  I loved dancing with the girls.  Then we went to the markets.  All the people love to stare at us-we make quite a scene.  I was roaming around with Izzy, Jono and Matthew when the sketchiest dog started to follow us for quite a long time.  It had some nasty sores on it.  I was genuinely terrified.  In case you forgot-I really don’t like dogs.


    We only have two more days in the school.  I am really going to miss the kids cute smiles and little voices, but I sure won’t miss their constant teasing and slapping me haha.  One of my college application essay asked me to write about what I am passionate for and I answered teaching.  As I have been in the school I have realized that this is true for me and that I didn’t just write that so that I would get accepted lol. No matter how tired or sick I feel I always try to give my lessons with all my energy.  Half the time the kids are little devils, but I always walk away feeling happy that I have helped them understand more. I feel so proud when I point at the tree and in their sweet little accents they yell “tree!”.  It makes me smile so big. 


    I am really starting to get close to my group and amazing leaders.  There are so many laughs and back tickles.  I am grateful that I am in the group I am in.  I am also blessed to have Brooke and Allison to keep us all safe and happy. I hope you all had the best Thanksgiving with lots of rolls, sweet-potatoes, and pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting, while I had a delicious meal of rice, curry and naan. Yummmmmm. I will be sad to leave India, but happy to come home to the best family and friends(and clean sheets).  I’m high-key scared for calculus, but with lots of prayers I bet I will be okay haha.  I love you all!!! Please eat the most American food for me, because I really miss it.  Once again- don’t forget me.