Lovin Life: Emery Pierce

Today was the cultural exchange! We got to sleep in a tiny bit and we got all dressed up to go to the high school. It was the cutest greeting. They are all sitting down and when we walked in they all clapped and cheered for us like we were famous. It was crazy. Our songs and dances all went well. They sang a lot of American music like Cheap Thrills and some 1D. At the end we played Baby by JB and they all got so excited and everyone jumped up to come dance and sing it with us. The school was all girls which we weren’t expecting but they were so cute and happy. They would all come up to us and shake our hands and ask our names and take selfies and tell us we are “so cute!” Haha it was super funny how excited they were. After we left our mob of fans, we went to the market and shopped for a couple hours. I love the market! There’s so many interesting things to see when we walk there. There’s so many little shops lining the streets and people just hanging out in front of their houses. The market is really busy and colorful. Tbh there’s not a lot of good stuff here. It’s mostly cheap, random things. But we found a few good places! It’s so different from anything we have back home so I love it. I am really loving it here! I could probably do without the smells but just about everything else is great. Also, just a random side note, my friend Matt on my team reminds me exactly of Kaden. Just the way he acts and his sassy comments, its so weird how alike they are.

            I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving! Kennedy and I had some turkey jerky and instant mashed potatoes so ours was a success for sure. I’m sad I couldn’t be with the fam on the holiday but I got to spend it with the most adorable kids on the planet so I’m alright. I really am getting attached to these kids! Leaving the schools everyday I am SO exhausted but I am super sad to leave. There’s this 9 year old boy, Manoj and he has my heart. I love them all but there’s just something about him. He is just such a sweetheart! He’s clever, kinda roudy but knows when to pay attention. He never lets the other kids hold my hand at singing/dancing time, which is kind of rude but kind of darling. He is always running up to me and hugging me and yelling my name.  And after school yesterday, we were coming back in from lunch and we hear a drum. We walked in and they were all dancing and singing and it was so cute But we walked over and I see Manoj is the one playing the drum and my heart just melted and I fell in love even more! There’s a picture of him next to me and another boy, Bhuvenesh is on the other side of him.

            Some other good news! My team decided that for our service project we are going to build a boys bathroom, put tile in the other ones and put in a sink so they can get water. We won’t actually build it but that’s what a lot of the money we fundraised is going towards! They have a bathroom for the teachers and one for the girls but the boys have to go right out in front of the school (like we have to walk over piles and wet puddles getting into the school). They also aren’t able to wash their hands ever so with the sink they will be able to be clean! So they started on that yesterday and I can’t wait to see it go up!  It really is exciting to see physical evidence of all our hard work paying off. It might not be done by the time we leave but they said if that’s the case then they will mail us pictures of it.

            So basically still lovin life! I am one of the very very few who hasn’t felt sick at all! Knock on wood but I am feeling great. Also thanks for commenting mom. Love you too and love everyone else!