Team Ashabadi is in Good Hands


We have been teaching in the schools for a solid week. Collectively, we have learned about patience, adaptability, kindness, courage, wonder, and pure joy. Each team has had challenges they have rallied together to resolve. The best part about this experience is to see each teen transform into creative problem solvers, more adaptive thinkers, thoughtful human beings, and lifelong humanitarians.


When we’re not in the schools, impromptu parties break out in our room. We are writing blog posts, doing henna, telling jokes, planning pranks, and eating candy. There is nothing better than when the teens have down time, but choose to spend it together hanging out. 


If you could see your teens in this environment the way we do, you would be so proud. They bound down the stairs in the morning ready for breakfast. They care for one another and ask what they can do to help. They share their precious pop tarts, honey, syrup, soy sauce, and survival candy. They support their adult leaders and express their gratitude to all of us, and they never forget to include Raj, whom they’ve just met. 


None of this would be possible without amazing leaders. We want to thank Amy, Mike, Naomi, Rachael, and Tricia for their efforts on behalf of our expedition. They love these teens and have sacrificed time away from their families and work to be here to support this group. Thank you to their families for understanding their desire to participate, and what it means for you at home to pick up the pieces while they are away. 


Amy - Amy is innovative and finds ways to inspire her team. She is flexible and willing to try new things if it betters the experience of the teens and the children of Koh. She has a heart of gold!


Mike - Mike is our veteran. He’s happy to be back in Chamba and leading another group of stellar kids. He has great respect for the culture (and food) and goes out of his way to put his teens at ease. 


Naomi - Naomi is so steady. Nothing ruffles her feathers. She has a quiet way of leading and has earned the respect of her teens. She has a warm way about her and a great sense of humor.


Rachael - Rachael saved the day by deciding with less than three weeks left to join our expedition. She is fun and easy to talk to and has been an awesome addition to our expedition.


Tricia - Tricia is the designated hugger and cheerleader. She loves our teens and encourages them to think for themselves, she is always there to offer a kind word.


Team Ashabadi is in good hands and we are loving our experience here. 


A special shout out to Eden and Gretta. You are remarkable women and the things you pull off are nothing short of magic!  


One more shout-out to Raj, who works tirelessly at keeping us all safe and making the magic happen. This would be an impossible undertaking without him. Thank you Raj! 


Brooke and Al