“Kennedy and Friends”: Kennedy McDonald

“Kennedy and Friends”


So I guess I jinxed it when I said I haven’t gotten sick yet. I woke up at 1 am early Friday morning with a horrible stomach ache. I got up a few times during the night to throw up which made me feel better until the next wave of nausea came. I still really wanted to go to my school and felt good enough to go, but our car ride is very twisted and bumpy which brought the nausea back. I was at the school long enough to play a few games, sing two songs, and teach one lesson. But by my 2nd lesson, I was in bad shape. Our translator, Isha, called the driver to come take me back to the hotel. I felt horrible leaving my team, but luckily I had the incredible Mike Ely to step in and teach for me. I came to the hotel, hung out with Brooke and Allison, and took a nap for a few hours. I still wasn’t doing great but much better than before. I came to dinner, although all I ate that day was two bananas, a few pringles, and a bottle of Limca. I received lots of hugs and massages through the day and especially at the fire pit, which almost made being sick worth it. I said almost.

            I woke up feeling 10 times better and my voice is almost back too! It was good timing since our cultural exchange was today. We had a lot of fun at the exchange. We sang two songs, did our dance to “Say Hey,” and danced around with the girls in the audience. We all felt like celebrities with fans wanting pictures, hugs, hand shakes, anything they could get. I was in charge of announcing our songs so the administrator started calling our group “Kennedy and Friends” hahaha I seriously felt famous. The girls kept saying, “You are so cute, so nice, so beautiful. I miss you!” as we were leaving. So I got my 15 mins (more like an hour and a half) of fame and it felt great. I plan to tell everyone back home that I’m famous in India lol. We also went to the Chamba market today and I bought some way cool stuff. It was good to have a break from teaching today but I kind of miss the kids. We only have about 2 days left with them and next time I blog will be right after I say goodbye to them one last time, so be prepared for some emotional mush.

I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving and ate lots of turkey and potatoes. Emery and I had a little Thanksgiving meal of turkey jerky and instant potatoes to celebrate (check Emery’s blog for the picture). I’m starting to miss everyone back home a lot, especially my mom since I’ve been sick and don’t have her to take care of me. Luckily, I have the best temporary moms, Allison, Brooke, and Rachael (our medic), I could ask for. Only one week until we’re back!! How crazy is that??

Love and miss you all!!

Kennedy, or as the kids call me Pennedy or Candy


p.s. I let the kids look at my photo book and they all fought over what pictures they each got to keep. So lots of you now have your picture in a cute little Indian child’s backpack or house. They begged to know everyone’s names and they said they love you already.