Green Team- Jill Moyes

I have learned to love India, and the teens that are with us . I love the village children and the Nishtha girls. and everything about this experience. even cold showers. Sorry, bucket baths.  we have the best driver on the planet. very fast, but safe. Baswajit plays very loud music and i will not ever jump in the car with my husbands driving again. He is mild compared to Baswajit. I have been touched with our visits in our village Bamangachi.  The people are so humble, and so kind and so hospitable. we are invited into their homes, they bless us , feed us , and treat us like it is an honor to have us in their homes, when really we are the honored ones. The village of Bamangachi is such a beautiful village.  Rural, farmingmost have their own gardens some their own ponds full of fish. Animals like goats, most have a cow. many dogs , chickens ducks.  Our village is more prosperous than most, one home even had a separate room from the house as a kitchen.  The children are smart andmost read and speak English, well.  I have been surprised how many have cell phones and a satellite dish on their roof. My team consists of Mariana, who works so hard, is a natural leader, I depend on her so much. The listener to the other teens and decides based on what all of them decide together. She is responsible and caring and gives of herself.

Elliot has been much effected by the sights and sounds and smells of India. All look up to him and love to listen to him. He is so talented musically and , and kind. 

Grace , has put her whole self into her lessons. She is a great leader. The boys and girls love her and she amazes me with herability to remember the children names.

Talmage is so kind and helpful. Willing to do whatever he is asked by his leaders. The children love him, he makes learning fun.  Especially he is good with the older boys.

Connor is thoughtful and confident. He works hard and is a team player. he is patient and is kind to the girls. 

How grateful I am for the opportunity to come to India, and the experiences I have had here. It has been great to be a part of a group really making a difference in the lives of a few people.