One more selfie sir? - Isaac Thorell

Who knew that so many different ideas could all come together in one small place. Today we had a cultural exchange in the town of Chamba at the main school for girls. The exchange went from them starting with a Hindi song to us singing home, then back to them with a traditional Hindi dance (which can only be described by the word beautiful). Then when two of the girls from the school got up and started singing “Cheap Thrills” by Sia and a dance party broke out with all the girls but more so it was like a bunch of Americans dancing with the kids of the school, who were all trying to take pictures with us. They were constantly using their favorite catch phrase “One more selfie sir?” it is being used whenever they have an opportunity to get a picture with us (Caucasians). I had a few of them as we were walking away ask me for my Instagram I had no clue what to say so i gave it to them, at least I'll get a lot more followers ;). 

    The market today was a very interesting time to say the least, we all tried to buy henna at one store and bought the store out of henna by about the seventh person to buy it. The people of the market were all bustling around constantly with cars going one way and motorcycles going the other way. It was full of lots of little shops, it reminds me of Chinatown in San Francisco. It was awesome, I bought a few good things like a hat, some scarves, and other things. Everything here is so cheap compared to America the average cost of an item i would say is any where from 100 (just over a dollar) to 1200 ( about $20) rupees it is an awesome time in the market.

    Right now I'm missing the kids of my school so much, although they are a lot of work during the week you can’t help but miss them when you are gone from their presence. They are so much fun to play with but teaching may be one of the harder sides of going to the school. we have developed a relationship with the children that won’t ever be broken or changed even with time. The children continue to show us all the love that they have to give for us. Our translator Isha has helped us so much and continues to do so I’m so grateful for them.

    The YMAD girls have been quite the experience, they have painted my nails (one gold and one bright purple), taking my man card according to Raj by giving me henna (It was worth it), as well as dragged me into so many tickle fights. They are always able to bring a smile to my face when i see them. When we go, we play games like red rover, heads up 7 up, four corners, and just have an overall good time. They are going to grow up and go many places. Yesterday when my team went to visit we were able to give them pillow cases which we then signed our names on and the smiles on their faces were awesome. 

    Well that is all from me for now till next Tuesday right before we leave, I am doing good I miss all of you who may read this and am so thankful to have the life i have. Peace.