Bengai Blue: Adler, Brie, Joe, Hannah, Lissa- Stephanie Walgamott

We are still alive and well in India!!! I have to start off and say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my wonderful husband. Thank you for allowing me to be here to have this experience! This has been extremely humbling and i learn more and more aboutpure charity. One of the values we learned before we left to India was about compassion. We learned about feeling inferior and superior. I can honestly tell you NOT knowingly I came to India felling superior, thinking that I had so much that I hopefully could offer the people here. I can tell you now only five days in that I am feeling inferior. I have been given so much more from the people here in India. There is no way that I would be able to repay them in my lifetime. 

    The first day we walked into Tongtala village school none of us had dry eyes. There was so much more felt than heard. The kids were cheering so loud for us! We could tell within seconds of being there that they already loved us unconditionally. Their actions have followed their words. I don't think I have ever received so many kisses and hugs in my life in the few short days we have been here. 

    I have some of the best teens in the world on the blue team. I have learned so much about them and who they are. Adler is so sneaky, he has such a fun personality and is always making the kids smile. There is and will always only be one Adler, there is no one like him. He has such a contagious fun loving personality. It is so funny, the kids love his hair and love to play and pull on it, he is so patient with them.

    Joe! Everyone is in love with Joe, he is so kind and easy to get along with. He is such a good dancer and the ladies during the village tours love it when he does a back flip. I was really impressed that he will willing to choke down a fish head with me during one of our village tours. The women just laughed at him trying to gag it down. He is such champ.     

    Hannah is such a great teacher! She is so determined to make sure the kids are learning and understanding her lessons. She easily controls the environment and the children and teens love her. We were able to visit with the special needs class that is being taught at Nishatia. Hanna connected with a mother and had a very tender experience i am sure she will never forget. 

    Brie has such a special relationship with all of the kids, she is a great listener. She has really taken the time to know and learn the lessons. She is always prepared! She is so willing to go above and beyond. Brie is vegetarian, she told me the other day that if she was offered meat in our village tours that she would try it. We were offered fish and she was the first to take it and try it. 

    Lissa is quiet, so she surprises you. She has puts herself out there and aways gives 100%. She keeps the kids attention and keeps them entertained. There are always 10 or so girl hanging on her. Lissa is observant, she always knows when someone needs help or is down. She makes everyone feel comfortable and accepted. She has a calming effect on everyone. 

     These teens and I will never be the same I know that there will always be a piece of us left here with the children in the village school and girls at main day boarding school.