A Day As A Rockstar - Adam Neff

I’m starting to really love the kids. They are wild and crazy, but they are starting to find a place in my heart. On Fridays, they do a little dancing and singing session after lunch for about 20-40 minutes. I thought they would be calmer because of it and that it would let some of their energy out; I was wrong. I could not believe how much crazier they got, I seriously didn’t even think it was possible. The second graders, five boys who we so lovingly call the drug cartel, just wanted to fight all day. Lalit, the smallest of the group, was especially crazy for the rest of the day. It was kind of funny. He's pretty cute.

    That was yesterday, today was amazing though. We had our cultural exchange at a girls' high school near the girls’ house and I felt like a rockstar. Everyone was sitting on the ground but we were given chairs in front of the audience facing them. They came out giving us a drink called Limca and gave us what are called samosas. They were delicious. We went up and sang our first song, “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz, which we did well on but the girls were not feeling it at all. Then some of the girls just sang this absolutely gorgeous song, it was so beautiful. The next number was a dance and it was more fun, the girls were still not super involved yet. Then after they performed another song, nine of us, including myself, sang “Home” by Phillip Phillips and the feeling of peace was so amazingly strong in the entire place. We started singing the song “Baby” by Justin Bieber and the girls got way excited. The place basically turned into one gigantic dance party. It was so crazy and so fun! Every single girl wanted to get a picture and meet us, I seriously felt like a rockstar for a day..

    Then we went to the market, it was fun but super dirty and gross. Also the streets are very narrow but just big enough for a car, so as we shopped all you could hear was constant honking and car engines. I almost got hit countless times but I was never too worried about it. i bought some fun stuff but I’m most excited for my vest. I was trying to find something made of yak but I couldn’t so instead I bought a super dope vest made of rabbit “wool.”

    Through all of this I’m having fun. It’s scary, crazy, and super hard but I am really starting to just love and adore these kids. I cannot believe I’m saying this, because I could not wait for the weekend, but I kind of miss the kids. It is very nice to relax, we’ve been running around without much of a break all week but today we were given almost five hours where we could just relax, no plans, no practicing, just chilling. All in all, these last three days have been wonderful. Again, I love you all and I’ll see you in a week!