Talmage Kraczek

Hello friends, I am enjoying every moment of our time. My memory is much like my grandfathers at this time, probably because of the sleep change. I have words on friendship and love, first off I’m not one who generally enjoys being a part of a group, I like to travel as a mountain lion, free from a herd. Yet your children are so kind as to sit near unto me when I choose to sit at an empty table. From what I’ve experienced kindness is much like a key, as you are kind to others it unlocks them, frees them into being able to be kind to others. love is much the same way, when you truly show someone love, you allow them the ability to love and care for others. The way I see it, the english we teach is minimal, those beautiful girls may rememberer four or five words that their minds will lose somewhere in the passage of time. We are not really here to teach english, we are here to show these girls that somewhere on this great planet earth, someone loves them and wants them to succeed. The rest of their journey is theirs to take one step after another. India is an interesting place, a place of sound, color, taste, and smells, one could say a place of life and love. 

    -Talmage Michael Kraczek