All About The Schools - Preston Tangren

Days are going by faster and faster, it doesn’t seem like any time has passed since i last blogged.     Anyways the most important part about this week by far has been the school! Yellow group has the best school by far. The school is so small but it only has 19 kids and it is so charming. We have to hike our lessons in every day and it is incredible to look at the landscape. There is a crazy contrast between beautiful farm country side and parked motorcycles and trash. Before I came here I thought that I might have a hard time connecting with the kids but now that I am here I see how easy it is to love them and be with them. there are a couple of kids that stand out and i have formed some bonds with a couple. Raul is so funny and is the character of the entire school. Arnav is the trouble maker of the whole bunch but you can always count on him being there for a hug. Chirac is so sweet and always wants to be there with you. The student I have connected the most with is Rittik. He is the smartest of the bunch and clearly pulls ahead of the bunch when we are teaching. From the first day I met him I decided that it would be one of my main goals to teach him as much as possible and inspire him to follow his dreams and work hard to learn. Yesterday we had some free time and so I decided to pull out some paper and a crayon and write up some simple algebra problems and he understood it!! It made me so happy to see him work through the problems I gave him and find the correct answers. Today I taught him about exponents and negative numbers and he was still pushing through it!! It makes me sad to think that my days with him and these kids are numbered I have so much I want to teach! And these kids deserve so much more.