I am becoming George Harrison: Nate Breinholt

I am becoming George Harrison.


Hello again to everyone,


I’m still loving every bit of the beautiful country that is India. I really do now see why it was such a thing in the late 60s. For that matter, I’ve been listening to far too much George Harrison and loving it. Everyone reading this would do well do immediately put on “All Things Must Pass” - sounds generic, but it really will change you for the better.


 In my last blog, I neglected, to tell very much about that children that have made this entire trip worthwhile. In this one, I intend to do just that. Firstly, I love the accepting and genuine nature that they all posses.. I love their eternal kindness and the love that they so freely give. I feel like I’ve known them all their lives, and love each one’s strong sense of individuality. All of this prevails through a very real language barrier. Though, the very thing makes it all the more extraordinary. I’d love to take them all, and show them the land of opportunity from which I’m so lucky to come. They’d all do so well, as they do in this less fortunate setting for mass success. I really do intend to check back on all these children later in their lives somehow, and see what they’re up to. I’m so sure it will be great.


Despite loving this country, I am very excited to come home. I really do love America, even if much of it thinks it needs be “made great again”. I hunger for the clean. I miss the orderly. I really, really, truly want a Caputo’s sandwich. I also miss my dear friends. Sam, Annemarie, I’m talking to you. You’ve been here before and I can’t wait to compare my notes. Can’t wait to return and tell everyone everything.