Hello Friends and Family!- Grace Hagen

    There is one thing we all love to talk about here in India - poop. We talk about how often you've pooped or if you've even pooped. Today, I have learned a very important lesson. I have learned that if you don't drink enough water, you will not poop. I haven't pooped the whole time I have been in India, and I had to miss half of teaching my girls. I did take a good nap and some probiotics with hope that I would maybe poop. Please pray for me. Anyway, sorry mom and dad, I think that I am going to move to India. I love these people so much. They are the kindest, happiest, and sweetest people I know. I especially love my girls. Susmita, Saboni, Alisha, Arju, and Louky (pronounced “Loki” as in the bad guy in the avengers and Thor’s brother). I am not teaching them nearly as much as they are teaching me. Going to the villages and being welcomed as gods is really incredible. Also we got our Saree fabric and I am so excited to be wearing that around the house and in public because my fabric is absolutely gorgeous (Royal blue with gold trim). Another great thing is the Indian pop music. Especially the song “Relax Man” (man pronounced like a Jamaican). That song is a true jam. It is our team theme song. Our team motto is, “Reduce. Reuse Respect.” But in all seriousness, today is the first day I have felt homesick. I had been too busy to even think about home, but I had some unexpected down time when I laid down because of my constipation. My wonderful, beautiful mother wrote me a letter for each and every day that I am in India. And though the days are off because I am halfway across the world, I look forward to reading one each day. I will admit that sometimes I cheat and read two letters in one day. I miss you mom! And of course I miss my father, who I want to have discussions with about the amazing culture here and discussions about my fathers favorite subject:  poop. Jakie Poo!! You are the best little brother ever. I always see something a little strange/different that I want to talk to you about. I also miss telling you my secrets. Also the girls have seen pictures of you three and wanted me to tell you that you are all “beauteefool.” I miss all of you family! Also to my family:  I have witnessed livestock guinea pigs, which reminds me of my poor piggies who I hope you are taking good care of. Much love!!!

    <3 Grace